Surf Mesa and Nitti Gritti Collaborate in Celebratory Single “Marching Band”

Surf Mesa has collaborated with GRAMMY® award-winning producer Nitti Gritti, who is also one half of the GRAMMY-nominated SIDEPIECE. “Marching Band” is a joyous single stocked to the brim of summer romances and the excitement that comes with a beloved season.

Surf Mesa is a Seattle songwriter and producer. He makes “music for good feels,” which proved a breath of fresh air two years ago. Both of his 2020 singles, “ily (i love you baby)” featuring Emilee and “Somewhere” featuring Gus Dapperton, offer romance and refuge for tired minds, truly spot on for the year that humanity would have to live through. Although this is true, 2021’s “Carried Away” with Madison Beer is very optimistic, while “Another Life” featuring FLETCHER and Josh Golden is a dance duet that imagines a world where pain of loss has been completely forgotten. This imagination has clearly connected with audiences worldwide, and Surf continues this winning streak with an unforgettable collab that no one thought they needed until now.

“I’m so excited to share this one with the world as I’ve been teasing it for months in my sets. As live music has returned, I’ve had the chance to explore a sound that gives a new wave of energy. Nitti and I could not be more excited about this one.”

Speaking on the euphoria of love and the positive emotions it brings, “Marching Band” is a definite mood booster that can make anyone’s day just slighter better. After opening with a gentle melody, the song erupts into an ensemble of Latin-tinged horns, relentless beats and chopped vocals. The single also features drops that are truly one of a kind, making a unique listening experience for anyone who was searching for a new and refreshing combination of sounds.

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