Last Saturday night, Nordista Freeze held his third annual Space Prom at the Basement East, which featured a plethora of local Nashville artists/ bands such as Savannah Conley, Briston Maroney, DreamerBoy, Arlie, and The Criticals, and As each of these artists join the stage with Nordista to belt out 80’s cover songs, you can feel the sticky-aired disco-fever of the crowd dancing in tune with them.



At this point, a friend looks at me and says, “Nashville really needed this. Seeing everyone here brings me hope… I feel inspired when I see crowds and shows like this”, and, they’re not wrong. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a show this rowdy in Nashville; everyone is running around and smiling, dancing with their friends, and dressed up in their Space Prom gear; which looks somewhere in between a glitter covered 1970’s Soul Train Dancer and an edgy character from Disney’s Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.


On stage, Nordista Freeze and his bandmates are all dressed up as Star Wars Characters, with Nordista dressed as Darth Vader. It’s interesting to see who leaned more into the ‘Space’ or ‘Prom’ aspect. While the music of Space Prom was fun, the most appealing part of Space Prom to me was the atmosphere. Under the hazy green and pink lights, no one was taking themselves too seriously, and came out prepared to dance and do the most all night.  It can be hard to find a scene like this Nashville, even though it’s a large city, its still in the south and scenes like this are rare. Its exciting to see Space Prom grow each year, and I would suggest the show to anyone looking for a night fun.



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