A review of Slush Puppy's newest song "Juliet".

Hailing from Southern California, the up and coming artist Sam, musically known as Slush Puppy, has released his newest single “Juliette”. While his talent for singing, songwriting, and producing his own music used to just be a fun hobby for this 19-year-old young man, “Juliette” is a fresh step in a new direction that can potentially lead to an even greater flourishing career in the industry. Before now Slush Puppy’s music was primarily made of uniquely weaving together the beat drops of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) with the chords and rhythm of pop. However, in one fell swoop Slush Puppy has not only expanded his portfolio to include more edge, but he is testing the boundaries of genre definition itself with his unapologetic fusion of sounds. In fact, in a TikTok video he played a short teaser describing it as a song “you can scream in the car [to] with your boys”. 

An ironic ballad about young, unrequited love where the singer’s crush is idolized and ultimately unknown, “Juliette” was destined for those music lovers out there who crave a blend of something classic, something new. If you are a Blink-182 and/or an All Time Low fan, this number comes highly recommended. Reminiscent of early 2000s grunge, but with a vibe for modern crowds who also want that booster shot of upbeat pep. With a slow, catchy intro that eventually crescendos into a beautiful roar, this creation morphs into his first pop-punk melody.

So far everything Slush has created can easily be described as an anthem, a beat that both an angsty teen and nostalgic adult can march to hand-in-hand. “Juliette” is a promising single, set to pave the way for his forthcoming debut EP with his new record label, Sony Music’s Disruptor Records (home to other well-known and successful artists such as The Chainsmokers). New and old fans alike should be excited to see what fresh surprises and variance Slush Puppy has in store for the world. 

Watch the lyric video below!

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