Slip into a state of serenity with November Ultra’s “open arms”

Subtle and soft, French artist November Ultra begins her track “open arms” with the finest sense of minimalism and heart, an intimate peek into her bleeding chest. Simplicity reigns throughout the track with the plucking of an acoustic guitar which frames the vulnerable sound of her voice. It’s a welcoming sound with lyrics both unconditionally open and honest, with Ultra reflecting on the beauty of birds, new perspectives on life, and feeling feelings deeper than you’ve ever felt before. Ultra’s voice dips and rises amidst the sweet acoustic soundscape with ease, exploring every pocket of empty sound and building it anew.

As the song progresses, the ethereal sound of Ultra’s layered harmonies encapsulates a purely intimate emotion. The sonic soundscape becomes more alive with each tone, a soft synth bubbling up to meet the reflective lyrics. Her perfectly controlled voice begins to echo across the sound of a spacious hallway, matching the spiritual sound of other ethereal pop artists like Perfume Genius, as Ultra sings us out with the heartbreaking words of: “laying here where it all started / now it’s all over.” Don’t be afraid to grow, because November Ultra will catch you when you fall with “open arms.”

Fresh off of her new album Bedroom Walls, November Ultra’s music is simultaneously light and dark, multifaceted in its broad genre influences from dream pop, R&B, and folk. She started gaining recognition last year through Tik-Tok after Camila Cabello posted a video using her song “Come into my arms” but has been involved in music as a topliner and songwriter for many years.

The artist herself has been in love with music since she was a kid. “There’s a video of me where I’m yelling that I love to sing,” she said. “My dad’s coming home and just wants some peace and he’s like, “We can sing tomorrow”. I’m like, ”I don’t want to sing tomorrow – I want to sing today until tomorrow.” Prior to being a musician, she was in the audiovisual subtitling field, a tribute to her love for language. She credits her Spanish grandfather Ramón for being completely instrumental in the creative works she produces today, saying it’s his own passion and knowledge that has inspired her to create. Listen to her new track “November Ultra” below!

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