After nearly two years of waiting in anticipation since their smash hit 2019 album, How It Feels to Be Lost, Sleeping With Sirens Returns with the show-stopping single, Bloody Knuckles. Known for their previous projects leading through aggression and intensity, the single delivers their newer audible themes while melting the hearts of the old-school fans with darker lyrical tones and lead singer Kellin Quinn’s raw and unique vocal power. 

Sleeping With Sirens | Bloody Knuckles (Official Audio)

Bloody Knuckles sonically illustrates the practiced group’s ability to balance intensity and aggression between the poetic lines that capture a powerful meaning. Although this raging project leaves room for each listener to personally connect to it in their interpretations, the anthem contests those who only work to hurt you. In referencing the bloody knuckles game, Quinn paints a clear picture of defiance and brutality in the process–one cannot back down until the other bleeds or experiences too much pain from the collision to continue. He sings with grit, 

“You always said I’d be a disappointment
That I’d be nothing and I’d probably lose it all
You thought that I would trip and fall
Can’t take it, won’t fake it, punch a hole through the wall, try to break it
Can’t change it, rearrange it, so I guess that I’ll just have to face it
This is bloody knuckles and I’ll show you how to play
It’s the only way to escape from all the pain, yeah”

Although the track embraces the sound Sleeping With Sirens has established for itself, lyrical themes from Bloody Knuckles unveil an evolution of the band that fans have been expecting and anticipating since the 2010 album, With Eyes To See And Ears To Hear. With Quinn also making an appearance in other punk-rock projects, such as Machine Gun Kelly’s Love Race, fans are left in suspense and excitement for what’s to come in the remainder of 2021.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Sleeping With Sirens’ new single, Bloody Knuckles, available now on all platforms.

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