Silly Boy Blue Talks Situationships in “Not A Friend”

Paris-based act Silly Boy Blue released a music video for her latest single “Not A Friend,” singing about relationships made situationships and all the frustrations that come with the blurred distinction.

In the days before the drop, the artist, real name Ana Banebdelkarium, uploaded screenshots of text messages, sharing a conversation with the person who “inspired” the song. So it’s clear Banebdelkarium isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind and explore new ways of sharing it. She has always been adored for her eccentric yet straightforward songwriting, and fans love how she responded.

C’est drôle j’attends plus rien de tes messages mais il arrivent quand même a me décevoir. On est pas amis. Je sais plus quoi faire pour que tu comprennes…Je vais finir par en faire une chanson.

It’s amusing that I expect nothing more of your messages yet they still manage to disappoint me. We are not friends. I don’t know how to make you understand…I think I will end by writing a song about this.

– Silly Boy Blue

The video begins with Silly Boy Blue sitting at her boudoir and facing the camera like a mirror. She then begins to strip down, taking off her skin as if she’s wiping makeup. As she does, what’s been erased reveals the memories beneath or within her. It is only a glimpse, but there are places, cities and dates they were on together. These are all parts of the person she was in this relationship, who she was to her ex.

Her work is very much experimental, giving a look into her experiences that are simultaneously applicable and unique. There is something the French pop singer does so well, conveying a feeling rather than expressing using words. The lyrics are quite straightforward and repetitive, emphasizing the key phrase, “Not a friend, no.” It’s as if the artist almost has to convince herself that the relationship was something more, especially since she’s been told otherwise.

We’re not friends, we’re not friends

‘Cause I don’t kiss my friends and

We’re not strangers, I wish we were

I wish just to get over you

I took the worst decisions

I should’ve ghosted you first.

– “Not A Friend”

But it is equally clear that Silly Boy Blue knows how she wants to show her story, using visual mediums like video. She has established her vision and style like she has her sound, producing elaborate and extravagant videos like “Widow Dreams Forever” and “The Crush.”

Silly Boy Blue has upcoming appearances at festivals like Papillons de Nuit and Art Rock throughout spring and until October at La Cigale. Even if you can’t visit France, make sure to follow the artist on Instagram and check out her music on Spotify.

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