No doubt soulfully influenced by his musically inclined family, reflective Harper Finn has never shied away from pushing the boundaries of popular music. Harper Finn, bearing mastery on the keys and commitment to a song’s preproduced essence, has put a spotlight on blues pop for young adults. Doing so in much the same way John Mayer did for Gen X in the early 2000’s.

A twenty-something himself, Finn has gone out of his way to release tracks that honestly address difficulties with staying present to the moment. “Dance Away These Days” resonated particularly with those suffering device-induced ADHD. Through said song, he emphasized the fulfilling value of connecting with the person mere feet beyond one’s screen.

Harper Finn
Harper Finn via Warner Music NZ

That theme found its way into the solo artist’s newest single; a mesmerizingly written track that dipped into difficulties facing modern-day youth. “She Said”, in a potential allusion to hook-up culture, described Finn developing chemistry with a love interest who would take things slower.

Their closeness, which might normally result in going home together, was compartmentalized when she suggested they enjoy really getting to know each other. This beautiful process of intimately learning about another before the romance turned physical would only happen once.

To rush into the bedroom, without an emotional framework within which those activities could play out, might actually ruin something great. So rather than thinking ahead to the potential places where their first time together might unfold, let their relationship take its own course. Flow with the right timing, not against that current by logistically forcing premature consummation.

This conversation about connection will only be reinforced by a hypnotic music video to be dropped May 10th. And if you’re in New Zealand this May, be on the lookout for Finn’s tour with LA WOMEN. Until then, listeners can stream “She Said” to their heart’s content!

“She Said” via Harper Finn

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