SG Lewis Releases Electric New Album, AudioLust & HigherLove Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

EDM producer and singer-songwriter SG Lewis has just dropped his fifteen-track sophomore album, AudioLust & HigherLove via Astralwerks. Though the album features five different artists, Lewis’s creativity is the stand-out of the album with his diverse ability to produce, write, and sing his music. You may think fifteen tracks are too long, but we highly recommend listening to the album in its entirety – as each love-themed song gets progressively better over its course.

While the first song, “Intro,” is a slow build of epic instrumentals over a minute and 22 seconds, the second song brings with it a lyrical video and is titled “Infatuation.” Staying true to his electro pop and EDM genre, “Infatuation” takes you back to the 80’s with its kaleidoscopic rhythm and synergetic vocals.

AudioLust & HigherLove Album Artwork

The next song is titled, “Holding On,” where you might be able to guess what it’s about – holding on to a relationship that is destined to fail. With a visualizer that seems to be thermal imaging of some sort, it could be presumed that it signifies their attraction to one another. The second verse says, “Tell me therе’s a way out / ‘Cause we’re nothin’ without trust / I know wе long for the good times / When there’s nothin’ left of us / Time and time again / Tempted by your touch.”

“Call On Me” is a song on the album that was released back in October with Tove Lo, where there’s a music video by Tove Lo and a lyrical video by SG Lewis. It’s a sensual and eclectic song that highlights lust and longing for intimacy, whereas “Oh Laura” is quite the opposite. The fifth track on the album is about a girl named Laura who seems to have taken advantage of the intimacy shared.

“Remеmber kissing in the rain? / I’ll nevеr say those things again / ‘Cause I / Know exactly where you’ve been / And for certain what you did, oh / You really took me for a fool / Just looking for a good time / Stop saying that you care / I’m gonna leave you right here, oh”

The sixth track is titled, “Missing You,” and features SG Lewis himself in the light-heartedly simple music video. While “Missing You” may sound like it’s contents would be missing someone, it’s actually the contrary. Seemingly stemming from “Oh Laura,” this song focuses on not “missing you / Like how you want me to.”

Though the next song is still upbeat and catchy like the previous, it’s a bit more tame in the instrumentals–in a good way. “Another Life” seems authentic in both its lyrical and musical value, one that also has a mellow visualizer to go with it.

“Fever Dreamer” has a visualizer as well, with the song itself featuring Charlotte Day Wilson and Chanel Tres. In fact, almost all of the songs have visualizers on the album, unless they accompany a music video.

In the middle of the album, there’s “Epiphany” and “Lifetime,” where “Epiphany” is ironically the longest song of the album and yet the only one to have a single verse: “Time was too much a part of love / For even in fairy tales / The proof of love was not its first moment / But its latest ones – that people lived happily ever after / Love at first sight was nothing but infatuation / Until proved by time.” The verse is not sung nor rapped, but spoken robotically by a woman – a little over halfway through the song.

In contrast, “Lifetime” has a music video and lyrics with no features of other artists, though it’s similarly longer than most of the other tracks on the album. Not only is the song one of our favorites, the music video adds spunk with its rom-com nature. SG Lewis is the wedding singer, who happens to be singing the love song to the bride. We’ll let you watch the rest to see what happens!

Tracks eleven (“Plain Sailing”), thirteen (“Different Light”), and fifteen (“Honest”) are all easy-listening songs to lose your thoughts in and listen on a car-ride home, while the tracks in-between are jams to wake yourself up and get hype. “Vibe Like This,” featuring Ty Dolla Sign and Lucky Daye, gives you all the good energy without screaming it – while “Something About Your Love” is another modernized 80’s pop hit that you can’t stop listening to.

Lewis details the album in his own words to state:

“The album is clearly split into two worlds. AudioLust is the darker, lusty, infatuated, short-lived, and ego-driven version of love. The second half represents a much deeper, actualized, and fulfilled version of love. Songs fall on either half of the record. I feel like I exist in the space between DJing and being an artist. The bulk of the album was written across a series of intensive studio residencies in the height of the pandemic, with the help of some incredibly talented friends, and allowed me to explore myself as an artist in a way that I would never have dared before.” 

Who doesn’t love an album about the complexities of love? SG Lewis killed it with this album and we can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve!

For more SG Lewis, listen to his album through Spotify below, or follow him on social media.

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Angela is a graduate of the University of Akron with her Bachelor’s in English. For more articles by this author, click on “Angela Graczyk” above. To contact Angela about freelance opportunities, visit
Angela is a graduate of the University of Akron with her Bachelor’s in English. For more articles by this author, click on “Angela Graczyk” above. To contact Angela about freelance opportunities, visit

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