Sensational hitmaker GAYLE brings us another jam with her latest track “fmk (with blackbear)”

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Every once in a blue moon a star is borne seemingly overnight. In August 2021 the pop song “abcdefu” was released to the world and within a few months it had gone viral on TikTok. As the song continued to gain traction it would eventually climb the charts to hit #1 on Billboard Global 200 in January 2022. At age 17 GAYLE had achieved a #1 hit song with its catchy and memorable chorus which you are probably hearing in your head right now. GAYLE would follow up the release with several alternate versions of “abcdefu” as well as a handful of tracks including “ur just horny”, “indieedgycool” and “god has a sense of humor”.

On 7 October 2022, GAYLE released “fmk (with blackbear)” For this song GAYLE has teamed up with legendary musician and four time platinum artist Blackbear. The song covers the rollercoaster of emotions of that crazy type of love. Known for hits such as “do re mi” and “hot girl bummer”, Blackbear has a lot to add to this track. GAYLE’s performance blends beautifully with blackbear’s delivery and the duo undeniably have oodles of vocal chemistry. 

Wanna say you’re mine and start an argument

Maybe I’m a psychopath

Taking shit from one to ten, I

I wanna f*ck, marry, kill you sometimes

GAYLE – a study of the human experience EP cover art

GALYE also released a stop motion music video directed by award-winning Belgian director Chris Ullens (Poppy, Rex Orange County). The stop motion animated music video is a colorful expression of the song’s line “I wanna f*ck, marry, kill you sometimes” with an emphasis on “kill you”. Although the video is humorous at its core, an descriptive title for the music video could very well be “Suburban Homicide”.

GALYE turned 18 this year and if her current career trajectory is any indication of her future she is sure to be one of the rising stars of this decade. We are excited to cover more from her as she makes waves in the music world so be sure to stay tuned! 

Dom Author
Musician, Bass extraordinaire
Dom Author
Musician, Bass extraordinaire

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