Carving a niche via TikTok and heartache, Sudbury, MA transplant Lauren Weintraub explored an epiphanic moment that hit a good deal down the road from her last breakup.

Co-written with Josh Bryd and Christian Hale, “Me Over You” followed up “She’s Mine”, both on release date and character progression within a broader story. “She’s Mine” checked-in with Weintraub fresh off finding out her ex had a new girlfriend. Being stuck in her feelings, “Me Over You” caught our protagonist after months of unhealthy distraction.

The first signee to a joint publishing venture between All BC Music and Big Machine revealed how she had lost herself to someone who wasn’t in her life anymore.

“…My hair smelling like cigarettes, Somewhere with somebody I’ll forget, ‘Cause I’m scared of sleeping with just the truth…”

-lauren weintraub

This Brandy Clark tutee sung about how not only did these behaviors necessitate caffeinated and pharmaceutical solutions mornings after, but how when faced with the day’s sobering brightness, she fell harder into that cycle.

Her lyrics then candidly described how she eventually willed herself out of reliance on those quick-fixes.

“…No more kissing all of my enemies, Drugstore hangover remedies, No cure is ever gonna get me through…”         

-lauren weintraub

Concrete recognition that change would only come from within. From sitting with the emotional scar tissue left behind, accepting that it happened, and choosing to, with time, regain individuality. To become the person she wanted to grow into by reestablishing self-respect.

A prospect less daunting by focus on the trajectory in-store if she worked on herself. To fulfill her potential personally and artistically, the latter of which will be boosted by allies like Grammy-nominee Clark.

“I feel honored, excited, and incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with a singer songwriter whose talent blows me away with every new song I hear. I only hope to help encourage and guide Lauren along her own unique artistic path and can’t wait for the rest of the world to hear what we’ve all been discovering.”  

-brandy clark

To hear the latest from Lauren Weintraub, stream “Me Over You”!

“Me Over You” by Lauren Weintraub

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