Formed in 2016, Secret Shame are no stranger to conveying tough issues in their lyrics. The North Carolina natives have recently become one of the most famous under-the-radar alternative bands for their transparency alone — as well as their refusal to be pinned down to one genre. All of this and more can be found in their latest release, “Zero,” which comes ahead as the final single for their sophomore album which will release on October 28, Autonomy. “Zero” is a look into the past — and sometimes still-current — struggles of lead singer Lena, who directly places listeners in the chair as she sings her heart out about all she has survived. It’s an unrelenting song full of nostalgic 1990’s alternative sounds — especially Alanis Morissette and The Cranberries — yet there’s also a dreaminess to the track as Lena wails in her falsetto, like a plea for help or a cry of victory. “Zero” is a strong track that shows Secret Shame at their best, especially ahead of their sophomore album’s release. As the band says of their latest song and its equally-ethereal music video:

“Confronting the fragility and vulnerability that’s inherent to mental illness, the compelling track is a direct channel into the mind of Secret Shame vocalist Lena’s history of struggle. On Autonomy, there’s a sonic tension between rage and melancholy — the beautiful and the bleak — that finds resolution in the way the music reflects the mood of the lyrics. Lena’s previously-obscure lyrics now directly confront the realities of addiction, body dysmorphia, abuse, and mental illness.”

Be sure to check out Secret Shame on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Bandcamp and Instagram.

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