Sean Feucht Takes the Sacramento Capitol Building in “Let Us Worship” Event

sean feucht let us worship event
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Standing in temperatures rising to 110 degrees, a crowd gathered outside of California’s capitol building. No heat, and no pandemic was going to stop them from coming together, united and on fire for a cause filled with music.

On that day, thousands appeared, hungry to experience the allure and the positivity the event promised to bring.

Over the last two months, “Let Us Worship” has been taking over the country as Sean Feucht, a worship leader in Northern California, started performances since the state banned singing and church gatherings. After the order was made, frustrated, he picked up his guitar, some beat-up speakers, and met with 400 others at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The evening bloomed into a movement that has continued nearly every night since then. Sean Feucht and his family have traveled all around the country, joining politicians, pastors, and people out of the hope of sparking a revival in the church community.

The beautiful family, five staff members, and a bunch of volunteers united under the cause to sing and spread cheer in these dark times. “Since the pandemic started, drug abuse, suicides, and anxiety is up four hundred percent,” he commented to the crowd. “Maybe you’re here wondering what this shaggy-haired guy is doing; maybe you thought this was all political. And I don’t care what you’re here for. We are here to worship and to spread love, lift the heaviness in the air.”

The “Let Us Worship” event was approved a permit by the Capitol, and backed by Representative Shannon Grove, who is serving as the minority representative of California State. The Sacramento government has been putting in an effort to make sure all voices are heard. Whether the city will face a rise in cases from the novel virus or not after the event, we will find out.

“We are going to worship like we’ve never worshiped before, and I declare that after all this is over tonight, the remnant, the residue of this worship will saturate this ground, and seep into that building,” Grove pointed behind her as the crowd cheered. “God bless you; let us worship!”

Filled with energy from a fire burning within, Sean Feucht and the worship team danced and sang beautifully as the sun blazed on them. The trees provided a refreshing cover of shade, and plenty of water was made available upon request by the volunteers. The audience sang along with the worship team, waving their arms and falling to their knees, some so immersed in the music that tears filled their eyes. Pastors and musicians from Sacramento supported in the music with words of hope and wisdom.

“The church has left the building,” they said. “We cannot sit any longer and not step up; for the sake of our children’s children. Some may call it rebellious. I am just trying to follow God, and I just feel like we cannot stop now. We are about to see the church rise like never before. I hear the sound of one nation, all colors, united and hands clasped together in worship. It is said that as goes California, so goes the nation. And so we march on.”

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