Saint Djuni’s ‘Paul McCartney’ Is For All Dreamers

There’s a certain misconception out there floating around stating that ‘dreaming is just for kids’ much like how it is with video games. While it can be true in most cases due to most of us being jaded by life’s constant blows just like in Jay Z’s “Hard Knock Life”. Alternatively, it could also be seen as a call to action to change our current perspective. For those who completely seized to do so, it’s time to pick up those rose colored glasses and start dreaming again. As for those who put it on ice like how they did Han Solo, it’s time to rekindle that fire once again.

This same energy and desire to wake up from this monochrome world can be felt in Saint Djuni’s latest single entitled “Paul McCartney” which was released last January 26th. While the the title can be quite baffling for most given that this song champions dreaming and dreamers alike. Saint Djuni’s “Paul McCartney” hits the spot perfectly because he’s the epitome of stability and having the ideal career in the music industry. He’s a legend, and still thriving all the whilst inspiring everyone – that’s how he is. Thus, it can’t be helped if artists from all walks of life admire him and strive to be like him one day.

As much as the actual Paul McCartney intrigued and provided us with boundless joy, Saint Djuni’s “Paul McCartney” does the same. With its gorgeous lyrics, dreamy vibe, and it’s smooth instrumentals, down to its rhythm and beat, it captivates our senses to the hilt. Taking us to a landscape that’s awe inspiringly breathtaking where we can clear our head free from frustrations. It’s the ideal backdrop to start the process of dreaming again, and to make the necessary moves to turn those to reality. So if you need a boost to zap you back to your happy place, then this tune’s the right for you!

Looking for more Saint Djuni? Then let’s groove right to the beat and head on to their official SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts for more.

Stay amazing folks!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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