NEVE’s ‘Should’ve Been Us’ Is Painfully Beautiful 

“Should would coulda” or simply the idea of “what might have been” is tough to deal with regardless of what stage of life you may be in. Whether it’s all about career, life or love, it’s a gut punch that’ll leave you broken and in shambles. Unfortunately when it comes to the love aspect of things, this pain multiplies exponentially when certain holidays such as Valentines, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, and Christmas roll around. Not to mention the times when we see that someone else is with the person we love the most. Talk about unrequited love. Ouch!

Just like a bee buzzing and ready to sting, NEVE’s “Should’ve Been Us” hits us hard with the melancholy of a heart that’s been torn to pieces. Released last January 26th in all major platforms, it’s a heartache encapsulated in 2:55 minutes that speaks straight to the heart and etches itself effortlessly to the soul. With lyrics such as “Cus if you were one in a million. Do I search another million to find you. Someone like you.”, it makes us question the fact that is there really someone out there for us. Most especially when the one we deemed as the ‘right one’ leaves us in the cold. A person we can freely love, and in the same vein love us as much without complications (this time around). Not to give us a happily ever after like in fairy tales, but a fresh new take on what it actually means to be in a harmonious relationship.

While NEVE’s “Should’ve Been Us” is no doubt a tune for the heartbroken and wishful thinkers with its chosen topic. It’s haunting vocals, instrumentals, lyrics and overall vibe is a breathe of fresh air for an industry that’s currently obsessed with hard hittingly fast beats. It instead opts to be emotionally charged and tickle our core memories rather than invite us to move our bodies to a trance. A calming presence in a restless sea of songs from a never ending waterfall of talented artists.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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