Romario’s Summerside Remix is Out Now!

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Earlier this year, Nashville pop artist, Phenix Red, blessed us all with a stylish and innovative track titled “Summerside.” The song features a hypnotizing snare and bassline, layered underneath sultry verses and ethereal vocals. The original is already a masterpiece, but a few days ago, Romario released a remix with his own unique twist, further elevating the already-stellar sound production.

Romario is a Jamaican producer and DJ who constantly pushes his own boundaries and adheres to no single genre. His style combines electronic, pop, dancehall, and reggae into a uniquely eclectic sound. He has released tracks alongside artists like Azealia Banks, Felix Cartal, Tones and I, and of course – Phenix Red.

To create the remix, Romario pushed himself to explore different sounds by drawing inspiration from Flume and including natural sounds, like violin samplings scattered throughout, a sweet guitar solo at the end, and even nature recordings from outside his home.

The result? A truly unique, bass-boosted track that incorporates a myriad of new musical elements and still retains the ethereal feel of the original track. Romario excels at drawing out vocal samplings and setting them over peaceful and reflective undertones. He then switches up the pace, using stronger bass beats and more poignant vocal samplings to create a more funky, dance vibe before switching it back to the peaceful undertones. Then to polish it all off, he introduces a guitar solo that blends perfectly with the funk vibes.

It’s incredibly beautiful, to say the least, and seriously worthy of being played on repeat.

You can listen to the full track on Spotify!

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  1. Awesome Job Kid!

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