Last Friday, September 4th, Nashville rapper and Grind Hard member Red Dot published a new music video for his song “Hustler of Tha Century.” The beat was produced by Philly P On Tha Track and music video was directed by Joseph Ebanks. This song was originally released as a component of Red Dot’s latest project, Dope and Hoes, which came out this past July.

Implied by the title, this track is certainly hustle-oriented. Indeed, this hustle inspired theme is affirmed by an analysis of the lyrics. First, Red Dot wastes no time by delivering a punchline at the start of the song:
“It don’t cost a dime to keep it real in these streets.. you a bitch and a half, you prolly squat when you pee.”
Red Dot entertains and catches the attention of the listener with a statement about those who don’t keep it real – that they squat when they pee as a result of being bitches. In doing so, he establishes his own position as authentic in the streets, a key attribute of a hustler. Later on, in the second verse, he mentions his motivation:
“On a mission: get my pockets thickened.”
I’m sure any hustler can agree that getting paid is the primary objective, or mission, in what they do. Red Dot even reinforces this at the closing of the second verse when he says the following:
“and when I sleep, I count bricks. It’s bread on my mind.”
I love this line because it not only describes the desire of a hustler to chase the paper, but it is a play on the association of counting sheep to go to sleep which is commonly referenced in popular culture.

This production is the most recent in a series of music videos for songs from Dope and Hoes. So far, Red Dot has also given fans visuals for the following songs: “Can’t Trust Ya”, “My Bitch” featuring Trapperman Dale, and “Memory Lane.” All of them, including “Hustler of Tha Century” can be found on the grindhardtv YouTube channel.

If you haven’t already, go listen to Dope and Hoes. It is available for streaming on all major platforms.

Article by Caleb Putman

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