They say that music is one of the strongest forces in the world. It moves mountains, fields and yes even the coldest of hearts. It has the capacity to heighten the emotions and takes us to places whether familiar or imaginary in an instant. The same feels could be invoked when listening to Rebecca McCartney’s debut EP “How you feel”. Released last December 3rd, this drop-dead gorgeous EP reels us in with its 5 tracks: “Remember less”, “Just air”, “Undone”, “For Avery, in June”, and “Behind closed doors”. Short but sweet, this is A 17 minute and 1 second hug perfect for these cold December nights we are experiencing.

Just like the EP title, this Manhattan songbird invites us to bear it all out with her. So, sit down, close those eyes, and bask in this beautiful world of pain she has created for all of us. This is her siren’s call that relationships have a dark side too unlike the ones portrayed in media today. Sure, we can be sappy and lovey dovey, but there also exists that creature in the closet called loneliness. With lyrics such as “Each day I remember less. I can’t feel my hand on your chest anymore. I’m getting used to waking up alone. Coming back to a world I used to know. “from “Remember less”. To “It’s June again. Time for you again to mourn a father who never showed. It’s true my friend. You’re down and blue.’ Cause no one loves as hard as you can.” from the heart wrenching “For Avery, in June”. She gives us straight from the heart accounts that love is imperfect, just like all of us.

Despite all this darkness, this “Big apple” nightingale doesn’t leave us in the corner to wallow in sorrow. She takes our hand and leads us back to sanity with her soothing voice and haunting melodies. Coupled with lines like “But you wear me to my bones. And even when the night is slow. Need to breathe all on my own. Just air, just air. Just air.” from this ethereal tune “Just air” and “my love you’re coming undone. How can I say it’s enough when you’re falling apart. I wanna run.” from “Undone”. Reminding us that love though flawed is still beautiful and should not be feared. We might be left broken by it, but that’s alright because that’s part of the game. A separation isn’t the end of the world, it’s a beginning of something better. To long for an embrace, a kiss, or a caress isn’t a weakness, it’s a path less taken on the road to being content with yourself first. Drifting apart is painful but it is an antihero you never knew you needed for you to realize that there is someone better out there. But the most important discovery here is that things might be bleak right now, but it too shall pass.

Rebecca McCartney’s “How you feel” is a must hear. Its lyricism is sublime, her voice other worldly, the EP itself is a field trip through a dusty road called love lane. A true testament of the years spent indulging herself in music, falling in love and being one with it.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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