Raz Hardy and Mich Kidd are Authors Of Ambition

Courtesy of Raz Hardy

“AOA” is meant to be a representation of our collaboration. As our first time working together, it felt good having a song that was just “Us” in musical form. It captures the energy in the room when we’re crafting art together.

Raz Hardy on “AOA”

Celebrating the beauty of collaboration, Raz Hardy and Mich Kidd set out to take the world by storm with their new single “AOA”. An acronym for “Authors of Ambition”, the title truly is a motif for the mood produced with this single. Utilizing numerous plugin’s to capture texture and tone, FL Studio Wizard, Raz Hardy scores a visceral yet captivating backdrop for the duo’s rap lines. Clearly giving their all, and then some more, here is what you need to know about the “Authors of Ambition”.

New words, new story … still the story of us, though.

Aye! Raz… Mich, start it off for ’em…

Raz Hardy Opening for “AOA”

Opening with a dreamy atmospheric vortex of sound, spoken word poetry sets the stage for what is expected to come. Wasting no time, flows shared by Kidd and Hardy conveys effortless truth at the chorus while also dishing catchy bars that don’t cease to entertain. This section of the song carries a pulsating dirty bass combined with the main synth melody that drives the track forward. Sonically, piano, bells, and the beat are exhibited throughout the track are often spaced out in the mix, allowing the lyricism to shine. Production-wise, “AOA” bounces from quiet to loud, creating a dynamic range that engages the audience at the most pivotal moments of authority.

My specialty, creating so any can see it….

Every week, bringing life into the visions that I speak…

Picture everything, moving with my mind wide open…

The moment is my motion, I’m controlling what you see

Raz Hardy’s Verse in “AOA”

Nonetheless, any verse that prioritizes Hardy showcases the musician’s talent as a lyricist and rapper with fast-spun witty lines sneaking past the audience’s ears. Equally prevalent with Mich Kidd, the artist refuses “to be identical to the rappers before us” with unapologetic brags that would make Nas along with the Detroit Scene proud. Overall, the ultimate message between both artists is the power of creativity to any and all who aren’t “afraid to be different.”

With their EP “Authors of Ambition” out now, you can listen to “AOA” right here. For more news, be sure to stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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