Ramp Up Your Summer with Party Favor’s Newest Album, RESET!

Dylan Ragland, or as you may know him, Party Favor, recently released his sophomore album RESET. Keeping true to the name of the album, RESET marks the beginning of a new musical era for the producer. In his latest album, Party Favor creates music that spans a wide array of genres, pulls influence from nostalgic trap music, and creates new sounds that are uniquely his own.

This album sets itself apart from previous works with its ability to capture authentic aspects of genres ranging from pop to metal; but this remarkable ability for crafting multi genre projects is not new to Party Favor. In fact, if you’ve consumed media in the past five years, you’re almost certain to have come across this artist’s work. Some of his biggest collaborations so far include A$AP Ferg, Diplo, Gucci Mane, Lil Baby, Rich the Kid, and 2 Chainz. The 2017 film adaptation of Baywatch featured four tracks from Party Favor throughout the film. His music has also graced the silver screen in Neighbors 2, Life of The Party, and The Purge. But his musical domination does not end there. Party Favor’s music has also been featured on the HBO TV series Silicon Valley as well as ABC’s Superstore and the CW’s The Flash. Not an avid movie-goer or series binge-watcher? Party Favor has also been featured in several gaming titles including FIFA, Need 4 Speed, and Madden, the last of which he received sole scoring credit for.

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RESET opens up with a track whose title truly speaks for itself, “With Regards To Your Speakers.” It’s an amazing beat with a grungy, cosmic energy. It seamlessly transitions between ethereal, mystical highs and whomping lows with little regard for your speakers. “With Regards To Your Speakers” is a strong start to the album, with its melody leading listeners through a transitional space. But you have now been warned, the song’s might may be too powerful and bass-blowing for your speakers.

The album’s next track “Here Now (with Love, Alexa)” comes at a great time for Party Favor and Stranger Things fans alike. With its eerie and nostalgic feel, “Here Now” sets the mood for a parallel dimension adventure. Love, Alexa’s mysterious and almost whispered delivery of the lyrics help to elevate this song to the next level.

One of RESET‘s greatest strengths is its ability to conjure images into the listener’s head. While you may not be a synesthete, “Too Much” will have you hearing colors. Listeners are greeted with an attack of vibrant neon sounds reminiscent of a Tron battle scene. “Too Much” is an electrifying entry to the album and an absolute “must listen.”

“Superhuman (with K.Flay)” is among the most quotable songs of the album. Through the exploration of a series of shortcomings, the track details the innate, superhuman ability that people have to ruin everything good in this world. Featured artist K.Flay explains it best when they sing, “In pursuit of perfection I lost my direction.” Everyone has struggled with “sweating the small stuff.” As Party Favor reminds us in “Superhuman,” we abuse life when we take for granted the opportunities given to us, and when we lose track of the common good in pursuit of individual success.

RESET as a whole is a true mental and musical reset for Party Favor. As he enters the latest era of his career, Party Favor does not shy away from exploring themes of vulnerability, anxiety, love, and loss. This exploration culminates in the album’s final track “Anxious (MASN).” The chorus of the song is, in fact, where the album gets its name. Featured artist MASN sings, “Reset. Fuck stress. I’m breaking up with anxious.” If there is anything listeners take away from RESET it should be that life is too short to be stressed out and anxious. There is always time to look at life through a different perspective, and reset.

You can keep up to date and learn more about Party Favor by following him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify. Throughout the rest of the year Party Favor will be on tour. You can check out the tour dates below to find a show near you. For more Glasse Factory articles on Party Favor you can click here. And finally, for all the latest news and reviews from your favorite artists, be sure to keep checking back with Glasse Factory!

Party Favor Tour Dates

07/01: TIME Nightclub (Costa Mesa, CA) / PF

07/05: Omnia (Las Vegas, NV) / PF

07/08: FVDED In The Park (Vancouver, BC) / SP

07/09: Audiotistic Bay Area (Mountain View, CA) / SP

07/10: Maya Day & Nightclub (Scottsdale, AZ) / PF

07/15: Tomorrowland (Boom, Belgium) / SP

07/23: Omnia (Las Vegas, NV) / PF

07/29: Temple (Denver, CO) / PF

07/30: Lollapalooza (Chicago, IL) / SP

07/30: Concord Music Hall (Chicago, IL) / SP

07/31: HARD Summer (San Bernardino, CA) / SP

08/02: Omnia (Las Vegas, NV) / PF

08/05: Breakaway (Kansas City, MI) / SP

08/06: ileSoniq (Montreal, QC) / SP

08/12: FWD Day + Nightclub (Cleveland, OH) / SP

08/13: Ever After Music Festival (Oro Station, ON) / SP

08/19: Breakaway (Grand Rapids, MI) / SP

08/20: WTR Pool (Tampa, FL) / PF

08/21: Marquee Dayclub (Las Vegas, NV) / SP

08/23: Omnia (Las Vegas, NV) / PF

08/25: Eastside Bowl – Deep Tropics Afterparty (Nashville, TN) / SP

09/02: The Grand (Boston, MA) / PF

09/03: Trio (Charleston, SC) / PF

09/04: Electric Zoo (New York, NY) / SP

09/09: Omnia (Las Vegas, NV) / PF

09/18: Imagine Festival (Rome, GA) / SP

10/13: Armory (Minneapolis, MN) / SP

10/28: The Midway (San Francisco, CA) / SP

10/29: Escape (San Bernardino, CA) / SP

02/24: EDC Mexico / SP

Megan Long Author
My idea of the perfect date? “That’s a tough one. I’d have to say April 25th, because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.” -Miss Congeniality
Megan Long Author
My idea of the perfect date? “That’s a tough one. I’d have to say April 25th, because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.” -Miss Congeniality

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