Rachel Bochner Explores Unexpected Attraction in “Ultraviolet”

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Rachel Bocher is an independent NYC-based singer/songwriter whose passion is for creating music that resonates with people. Her career in the music industry began with an A&R internship with a record label and from there, she realized her true passion is for creating and sharing her own music. Her music influences span from Lana Del Rey to Maggie Rogers to Lorde and so many more. Whether she’s writing about relationships, mental health, feeling alone, feeling in love, or feeling nothing at all, Rachel wants her listeners to know that she understands them and that they’re not alone in their feelings.

“Ultraviolet” is one of the singles off of her new EP, 2AM. It’s a heart-fluttery song about new and unexpected attraction. Rachel wrote this song as a way to process questions she was having about her sexuality. The fantasyland that “Ultraviolet” takes place in offered her a safe space to explore that. It features a subtly sweet piano backing with running flourishes to complement Rachel’s strumming vocals as she muses about the uncertainty and ecstasy she feels. When she enters the chorus, a more electronic melody cruises into the atmosphere.

The sweetness of the initial instrumental continues, but more percussive and string elements begin to carry the song as the lyrics uncover more of Rachel’s feelings. What started off as unexpected confusion has sparked a rippling and effervescent interest in the subject of the song, someone who is ultraviolet…someone who cuts through the darkness of that confusion. Rachel continues to reflect on her feelings towards this individual through the end of the song with charming vocalizations and hums.

I love to witness someone come into their own and am happy Rachel was able to use this song as an outlet to explore her emotions. If this song isn’t enough to satiate you, Rachel is working on a music video that will visually represent the story and emotion she knows so many others can relate to. And in the meantime, take a listen to the rest of the EP – each song is as beautifully plucky as this one.

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