The sky is falling, just kidding it is the ceiling and it could potentially fall any minute. Rising Toronto star Rachel Bobbitt has dropped her latest EP The Ceiling Could Collapse via Fantasy Records. The title of this EP was actually inspired by the 2018 horror film Hereditary. Be prepared to find yourself questioning the meaning of your life. This EP centers all around the main cycles of life. Exploring the extremes of life such as pain, wonder, love and joy. This EP has six new tracks to introduce this star’s incredible talent and her natural ability being a songstress.

The first song on the EP is “More” and it is filled with striking instrumentals that you notice right away. Rachel described that “More” is about pain and navigating the medical system as a woman whose pain is often disregarded as inevitable. Exploring the idealistic that women are only made to produce children, which is something not all women want. Wow, that’s deep.

“Watch and See” is a song about Rachel trying to connect through moments of disassociation. She tries to use physical landmarks, phrases and the act of physical sensation to keep grounded. This song is all about staying in the present moment. It is a soothing song to listen to as you sway back and forth while being taken over by the message Rachel is presenting throughout the entirety of “Watch and See.”

Next up on the EP we have “Gemini Ties.” A song that Rachel wrote all about her twin brother and the close bond that they share. The message of the song is all about protecting and shielding the one you love form the cruelty they may face in their life. It takes you on the journey of the two siblings as they continue to grow up in this world with so much love for each other. A beautiful bond not even this harsh world can break.

“Bandages” is a beautifully written song as Rachel goes through the motion of loving someone who is struggling. The hope of seeing someone you love get better meanwhile they are hiding the fact that they haven’t been okay in a long time. It always seems like they are trying to get better but they have been caught many times slipping back into old patterns. A very emotional song that definitely shows of Rachel’s ability to write meaningful and impactful lyrics.

This next song “What About The Kids” is another track that is deeply rooted with powerful emotion and a message that’ll get you all in your feels. Rachel described this song as “familial loss” and the journey of going through traumatic events as a family. Parents trying to shield their kids from all the ugliness they might face but it can lead to isolation in the family. A song where Rachel wants you the listener that there is no right or wrong way to grieve in this lifetime.

Lastly, Rachel closes out the EP with “For Keeps” a song that is all about loving someone from a far distance. All about the right love but at the wrong time. It just wasn’t in the cards for this couple even though the love was there. A relationship where you are distracted by the expectations you have made up in your head that become so real you start the blur out the real part of your relationship. We have all been there before. Creating the perfect partner in your mind and always expecting the person you love to check off every box of the person you have created in your head.

The Ceiling Could Collapse has definitely taken us on an emotional journey and we for sure need to reflect for awhile. I will leave you with this quote from Rachel.

Every woman I’ve ever talked to is in some amount of pain almost all the time,” she says. “That could be physical pain, emotional pain, familial pain, but it’s there in cycles. We need to accept that we can’t have our minds fixated on all these things that could happen, and we need to move on—but also the ceiling could just collapse.”

Rachel Bobbitt

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