St. Louis “smile punk” band The Slow Boys welcomed us into their year-round Halloween-themed home for an intimate performance and interview, so please enjoy!

Approaching their St. Louis home already told me we were in for a treat before we even had the pleasure of meeting The Slow Boys for their performance and interview, as cob-webs, tomb stones, skeletons, and other Halloween decorations swept their lawn even though it’s the middle of Spring! Adding to their spunk are all the Christmas lights set up around their basement stage, which they later told us were a score from a neighborhood heist mission.

Officially formed in December 2016, The Slow Boys have been inspiring each other non-stop and creating songs with fun back-stories. Pulling their inspiration from their cat Balls and their personal goofy experiences while on the road or exploring St. Louis, their personality and livelihood shines through their lyrics and musical instrumentations.

DSC_3867With the likes of Seahaven and Lobby Boxer, The Slow Boys between punk and bluesy rock n’ roll with nice slow jams intermingled. I would almost consider them acid rock but they self-label as “smile punk.” Band members Jack, Bill, Dylan, and Cory are all multi-talented as they hop between instruments and collaborate together on writing their songs. They keep it fun by writing about getting high and living life, and most of their songs are about time periods or momentary experiences they’ve lived.

The Slow Boys have released three projects including split-EP Bird Teeth / The Slow Boys Ride Again, full-length album Walks on Michaelwood, as well as an EP entitled Opus.  You can find their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and Amazon. They’re a welcoming group, so if you’re in the area, come find the house with the Halloween decorations and knock on their door to say hi!

Videography/Photography by Elena Lin

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