Following the first single of 2020, “Apocalyptical,” Puscifer released its second track paired with the release date of the first album in five years.

“Apocalyptical,” equally as bizarre as it is fascinating, has a unique concept and story following a story of secret agents on a journey to find a missing man and mysterious briefcase, who was supposedly abducted by aliens.


The first album in five years, Existential Reckoning, has a futuristic, electronic concept paired with Matrix visuals and equally confusing poetic lyrics that send your brain on a tripping spiral of otherworldly dimension.

On a creative roll, front man Maynard James Keenan of Tool takes the backseat to feature the other two in the trio as merely an “agent-in-training,” according to the announcement made last night, which appears as a cryptic government document.

Reports out of Jerome, Arizona confirm the impending arrival of Existential Reckoning, a twelve-song album from the special agents operating under code-name PUSCIFER. The release is scheduled for an October 30th arrival via Alchemy Recordings/ Puscifer Entertainment/ BMG.

The agents, Mat Mitchell and Carina Round, with agent-in-training Maynard James Keenan, a.k.a Dick Merkin, preview for forthcoming release with “The Underwhelming.”

In a report to commanding officers, the trio said, “In the Summerof 2016, we received a call from Hildy Berger, Billy D’s loving wife. [redacted] Billy D, rumored to have been carrying nothing but a bottle of wine and a mysterious briefcase, had disappeared without a trace somewhere in the high deserts of the Southwestern US.

Rumors of alien abduction were at the forefront throughout the dark web chatter. Therefore, traditional methods of tracking a lost and hopeless drunkard in a dirty leisure suit were not an option. [redacted] We hypothesized the only way to locate the subject was to [redacted] construct traversable bridges between the institution and technology, requiring us to explore the metaphorical mycelium between Math and Passion, Art and Order, and Hope and Proof. Through these methods [redacted] we are able to pinpoint the exact location of both Billy D. and the mysterious briefcase.


“The Underwhelming” follows “Apocalyptical” with supernaturally spooky beats and haunting electronic vocals.

The track loses itself in more cryptic lyrics, funky guitar, and its futuristic sound with emotions of a soul much older than this world.

Listen to the single, available on all streaming platforms now:

Pre-order and pre-save Existential Reckoning HERE

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