Henry Fong & FIGHT CLVB Release ‘Presos’

Everyone longs for the classics to make a return in the shape they were found–whether that be classic rock, 90’s hip-hop, 80’s synth pop, or punk, no matter the genre, no matter the decade, we feed off the past. On the other side of this double edged sword lies the fear of unoriginality, where noses are stuck up at new artists toying with the nuances of the music of yesterday. Similar to the rendition, it’s hard to find a balance of respect in the revamp. Many have tried, many have failed. It has since become uncharted territory if a plan is not foolproof.

In a conceded effort to bring the classic sounds of Latin music to today’s younger generation, the inexorable pioneer of genre defying house music has teamed up with longtime friend and artistic contributor to create a much needed Henry Fong and FIGHT CLVB (fronted by SAV) production. Released on July 29th, “Presos” was in the public eye and every base blaring speaker of every club worth being at, becoming both an homage and a musical innovation at once. With Fong’s track record of bending the borders of dance music with well-received tracks such as “Rave Tool” and “In Da Getto,” his connection with and vision of “Presos” came to fruition meticulously.

Succumbing to the eclectic, tasteful, vigorously smooth sounds of traditional Latin music, Henry Fong found his muse and FIGHT CLVB made it happen. Regarding inspiration, Fong reminisced on, “digging hard through classic latin samples with SAV from FIGHT CLVB. He is Colombian, so it was fun to learn about the history of the music he grew up with. We are friends from way back so it’s so easy and fun to make music with good friends!” With his roots in Columbia, FIGHT CLVB understood the severity of respect and the zest in which to pull, becoming both a perceptive and educational experience for Fong.

Comparable to the tracks creative production, the listening experience is just the same. “Presos” is the median of tribute. Keeping the life of its original “El Presos” alive and in tact, the track became a modern step in Latin dance and a versatile anthem of the club scenes. With a spring in tempo, core shattering reverberate, and a rhythmic yet playful traverse in its lyrics, “Presos” stands as a classic and grooves in modernity.

The part educational, reminiscent, and avant-garde energy that “Presos” curated was done so for more than just a summer hit. For those sheltered from the record origin, are gifted an opportunity to partake in the Latin-driven-escapade and understand the bones that strengthen Columbian culture. And for those familiar with the sample and grew up listening to “El Presos” this track contorts in the abstract but is familiar enough to earn its respect. If you fall in either category, give “Presos” its well-deserved love and listen to the track here, now available on all streaming platforms.

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