Ponta Preta Intoxicates Us With ‘Liquor Liquor’

Liquor is an intoxicating beverage that makes the world go round (literally). Having it around is a status symbol most especially the top shelved ones. Which only means you’ve got some hefty moneybags laying around. Regardless of quality though, it’s undeniably a company for a party or the lonely. Thus spicing things instantly and often adding that extra layer of crazy we never knew we had. Time to drink up!

Sailing in this sea of liquor, is the band Ponta Preta with their latest song ‘Liquor Liquor’. Released May 12th in all major streaming platforms via Le Surf Records. ‘Liquor Liquor ‘ is an inviting track that illustrates liquor as this fountain of happiness. While fully knowing the consequences of basking in it regularly, they still do it anyway. A drink or two every now and then is fine. On the other hand consuming liquor thinking it would mend a broken heart caused by the blues is something else altogether.

Gifted with unique floaty vocals, and instrumentals that’s extremely catchy. Ponta Preta effectively provides us this mad man’s POV of liquor as the only bastion standing amidst a life in ruins. Albeit this sad premise running all throughout, ‘Liquor Liquor’ manages to paint this cheerful image that’s so attractive. As if saying that there’s life beyond the pain and sorrow. But this is twisted like a pretzel adding that through liquor it’s achievable. The catch that comes with it? It only lasts for awhile leaving you with a nasty hang over.

Mimicking perfectly the trade off an individual makes just to feel ‘complete’ again. Ponta Preta’s ‘Liquor Liquor’ is an eye opener for everyone. Allowing for us to face the music as we handle our troubles all whilst making us dance on the dance floor with glee. That’s a strange cocktail for sure. But in its strangeness there’s that charm to it that we just can’t get enough of. Much like the actual thing as it first enters our system every single time.

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Happy Monday folks!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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