Ellie Dixon’s ‘Dopamine’ Is a Relatable Track for the Modern Day

Alt-popstar Ellie Dixon is reminding people to “slow down” in her latest single, “Dopamine.” The TikTok phenomenon — with over 1.2 million followers — released the song May 4. 

She was inspired after reading an article on the effects of social media on brains, specifically the desensitization from too much dopamine. She further explains:  

Dopamine is a moment of peace for anyone feeling overwhelmed or burnt out … Even positive experiences need balancing by calm and I have found myself craving stillness. I hope it can help more people to take some time to rebalance and step out of the constant stimulation in the world around us.

Ellie Dixon

Throughout the self-written, self-produced song, the young artist sings in a soft, calming voice. Through the track, Dixon allows the listeners to take four minutes and decompress.

Dixon, most known for her 2021 song, “Green Grass,” which can be listened to below, is known for her sharp, relatable lyrics. She is a master of understanding the plight of Gen Z. 

In this song, Dixon sings about her own difficulties with social media, admitting “I’m startin’ to struggle to feel.” In the chorus, Dixon provides a solution to the all-too-relatable situation:

I’ll rest my head upon someone I love

Think of the beauty below and above

Breathe in and out ’cause when push comes to shove

I’m so lucky I’m here

“Dopamine” by Ellie Dixon

Dixon’s mastery of the pen makes “Dopamine” an anthem for the 21st century. 

“Dopamine” provides a small look into what is expected from Dixon’s upcoming EP, In Case of Emergency, which will be released June 16. The EP’s previous single, “Big Lizard Energy,” shows the British artist’s humorous side. 

Dixon will be embarking on her “In Case of Emergency” tour through the United Kingdom and Germany beginning in September. See the dates on her Instagram. 

Along with TikTok, Dixon can be followed on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

To take a break from the non-stop stream of social media posts, stream Dixon’s “Dopamine” below:

I’m a journalist based in the Bay Area with a passion for writing about art, comedy and music.
I’m a journalist based in the Bay Area with a passion for writing about art, comedy and music.

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