POLUN and LU KALA recently dropped their collaboration single, “Today.” And on this day, December 2nd, the duo share their pairing music video to match; featuring scenes from a sci-fi comic book day dream.

Toronto-based, multi-faceted artist and producer, POLUN (寶麟), sets himself apart with a sonic style rooted in versatility. Under the producer/songwriter moniker Terence “TEE” Lam, he made his industry debut producing the 2014 Juno award-winning R&B/Soul record of the year, “Can’t Choose” by JRDN. Following that, he co-wrote on two Billboard Hot 100 hits—triple-platinum singles “Here” by Alessia Cara and “Too Good” by Drake ft Rihanna. While he has proven to have the ability to fuse his skillset into any genre, TEE shifted things up on another level in creating a few of K-pop’s biggest acts (EXO, Suho, D.O.) and wrote on songs for major electronic artists (Adventure Club, DVBBS, Kaskade x Meghan Trainor). Most recently, his skillset offered him credit on “U Should,” by 2021 Best New Artist Grammy nominee CHIKA. Now, POLUN is continuing on a strong note with his next chapter, “Trillium,” the debut EP charged by his life’s experiences. Creating an infectious sound that infuses unique pop melodies with emotionally charged beats, “Trillium” is an intimate soundscape featuring some of POLUN’s favorite collaborators.

He joined forces with gifted and talented songstress on the newest single, “Today.” LU KALA breaks the mold with her heavy. emotionally driven lyricism and uniquely crafted vocals.

I don’t feel pressure to change myself, I’m here because I am myself.


Every once and a while, an artist appears who is destined to break the mold. LU KALA a is one of them. With the voice like fire, with hair to match, this songstress is redefining what a pop star sounds and looks like. Gifted with a talent for writing striking pop tracks and memorable hooks, the independent, Toronto based musician has written for artists from her hometown, and R&B star, Jennifer Hudson.

Despite song writing success in past releases, behind the lyrics she had written, a different voice waited to be unleashed; a voice that didn’t conform to the vocal style producers assumed they’d hear. Instead her sound—raw, intensely emotive and mercurial with an ability to lean into dance, R&B, rock, soul and pop, at will—defied it. Unwilling to vocally bend herself into the box black female performers are expected to exist in, KALA has embraced her distinctive sound, transforming her trajectory as an artist, and a woman, in the process. And since launching solo projects of her own, she continues to rise in the industry. With over 1 Million streams-Apple and Spotify combined- “DCMO” has landed on official playlists such as Spotify’s It’s a Bop, Indie Pop Chillout, Morning Commute and New Music Friday Canada, as well as Apple Music’s, Breaking Pop playlist, Pop Deluxe and Pure Pop Radio. “

With the upcoming release of her debut EP, KALA continues venturing into emotional places few dare to go—on or off record. Her songs are unflinching in its tales of personal, hard-earned lessons in love. Romantic disillusionment, identity and self-worth, are all laid-bare with breathtaking, unapologetic power.

Together, POLUN and LU KALA charge a unique experience behind their collaboration. “Today” features a vulnerably raw introduction before breaking down into a melancholic dance beat that curates a sense of catharsis in listening.

Watch the music video below:

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