Playlist: Bonnaroo 2020 – The lineup isn’t that bad. It’s actually pretty great.

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It’s that time of year again. You feel butterflies in your stomach once you see that email notification pop up on your screen. Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival “2020 Lineup Is Here! Tickets On Sale…” Oh baby. Before you click, the previous years’ experiences flash in front of your eyes in a high-speed highlight reel. Excitement fills your heart as your favorite time of year approaches. Once the link loads, you see it in all of its glamor: the Bonnaroo 2020 lineup.

“What is this?” you think upon first glance, “Tool? Lizzo? Coachella got Rage and Frank!” Immediately you reach out to your Roo Crew to deliberate where this lineup falls with previous years. Those butterflies sink, succumbing to fear and disappointment. 

You pan over it a second time. Now a third. “Wait, this is actually pretty solid. Thank goodness Nelly is coming. I’ve always been meaning to catch a Denzel Curry set. Oysterhead would be fun. Reddit will be happy that Glass Animals is playing,” you think to yourself. This sense of hope builds as your eyes pan across each row of each day. You realize that you probably won’t be missing a single act from 11:00 am until 4:00 am everyday (by the way, how will they replace Kalliope?). “The Bonnaroo 2020 lineup isn’t that bad. It’s actually pretty great.” 

I don’t know if that’s exactly how it went down for you, but it definitely was over here for us at Glasse (and for several in our Roo Crews). Bonnaroo is doing in year 19 what they do best: bring a diverse range of artists and vibes to the farm. To get to the point, here’s the playlist I made after my 5th read-through. Yeah, I know I didn’t get everyone, just who I’m planning on catching. Bump this for the next 5 months as you daydream about the potential collaborations you could catch: Denzel + Glass Animals, Megan Thee Stallion + DaBaby, Flume + slowthai, and more. 

Golly jeepers.

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Sam Harkey Subscriber
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