“My Consequences” released on December 3, 2021, and was paired with a music video that perfectly showcased the chaos of uncontrollable thoughts. The track is the first to be released for New Jersey-stationed Palisades including their new singer and now formerly bassist Brandon Elgar. In total, the band is made complete with members including Elgar, guitarists Xavier Adames and Matthew Marshall, and drummer Aaron Rosa.

The single was inspired by the tremendous amounts of loss that had taken place in the last two years. From Paslisades seeing the exit of their former vocalist and frontman Lou Miceli, and the presence of some loved ones now being in companionship only through memories, Palisades has only become stronger through these periods of uncertainities, and undeniably has stapled themselves as an unwavering rock powerhouse.

“‘My Consequences’ is the culmination of so much work and so many emotions. We are really excited to share this song with the world. Having felt trapped inside my head for some time, this song acknowledges those feelings while inviting anyone that has felt the same to come along on the ride with us.”

~ Brandon Elgar

Directed by Orie McGinness, the video itself for my “My Consequences” backs the main message conveyed by the lyrics extremely well. Each member of Palisades is seen to be performing alone in a dark room, and this can signify what being trapped inside of your head truly feels like. Lines that stand out, and definitely hit close to home, include “don’t try to analyze my self inflictions, it’s clear to me that no one ever cared, I don’t do well under the pressure, I don’t expect you to understand.” It shows the nature of toxic thinking and what it does to the perspective that you have of people around you. It’s a mentally dangerous path to be brought upon, and such a path can alter the way you think of others for countless amounts of years.

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