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“It’s Not Real,” by Penny Roox: This twenty-five year old, Netherlands-based artist is serenading the world in daydream and discovery of beauty in the midst of tragedy. Creating melodies laced with their own complex back-stories, she’s being noted internationally with each new release. Her influences of Elvis Presley, Joni Mitchell, and Chet Atkins showcase an old at soul being with a love for tracks with even deeper meanings than the norm. The single features a beautiful array emotional and cinematic piano and vocals that pour out the soul. Originally envisioned as a memoir of her depression as a teen, she leaves the audience with the question if they ever felt as lonely as she did.

“InSignificant,” by Sophia B: This teen songwriter from New York City is rising quickly in the dream pop world. Collaborating with composers her age, two of which have been released prior to this track. The song has a wise beyond the years tone behind their soothing vocals, and emotional message. Much more is yet to come from this artist!

“Obstacles,” by BILETSKA: This artist’s unique backstory drives forth a unique sound in her work. From the city of Cherkasy, Ukraine; her father left to join a cult before she was born. Growing up with a single mother who worked tirelessly to provide. Her and her step-father may have not understood the love for music she had, but in her upbringing, she was charged with inspiration to find more. She spent her time writing poetry, songs, and drawing; all inspired by these dreams of growth and following her passions. After moving to America at the age of eighteen, she performed on “The Voice,” and toured Europe with Michael Angelo Batio. These experiences charged her confidence further in becoming a performer.

My personal life “Obstacles” inspired this song. But all of them are made to overcome it and to write about it, right !?I never think too hard on any of my lyrics, it always comes naturally with Melodies, all I need is to write it down when this moment comes or to record it to my voice memos.


“diamonds,” by Tanner Carlson: This track follows the artist’s successful third EP, Stuck. After garnering some fame after his single, “Friends,” exploded on social media, he now lives in Nashville while he juggles the storm of trying to find success in the music world. His next upcoming EP is long awaited and soon to be released on all streaming platforms.

This song gives me driving in the car with the windows down vibes. It’s about overcoming struggles and breaking bad habits.

~ Tanner Carlson

“You’re Dying,” by Lonely Choir: Just entering the music world with this track as their debut, we find a beautiful contrast between the struggle through life and the haunting lead vocals. The lilting vocals convey an impressively emotive story throughout the track.

recognizing that life has an end is a fundamental part of living well. That strange paradox is what this song’s about.

“dispose,” by Kevin Atwater: The first song toward the artist’s next EP, we are pulled in to a time capsule in their world. Beginning with an alluring series of harmonizing vocals, the song pulls you in to the experience when the beat changes and the acoustic guitar starts to play. It’s then that our artists begins to sing, breaking down the struggles in a relationship they went through.

“The song is about the difficult feelings of insecurity within a queer relationship. Invasive thoughts and the inability to communicate how you feel. I used stacked harmonies and overlaid guitars to create a musical atmosphere of melancholy and loneliness.” 

“Monster,” by The Magnettes: Freshly signed to a new record deal, this pop trio returns to the music world with their latest single. The upbeat, bass-driven and nostalgia inducing doo-wops and horns compliment a modern touch of new wave synth. The track is flirty, fun, and gives us a taste of what’s to come for the project in the future.

Their debut album ”Ugly Youth” dropped in 2017 and featured the singles ”Sad Girls Club”, featured on Netflix’s ”Elite”, and ”Young And Wild”, one of the top-ten most played Swedish tracks on national radio that year. Their single ”American” was in radio rotation throughout the summer, fall and winter of 2020.

”Monster” is about that flirty, sexy, excruciating stage where it’s like ”will-they-won’t-they?” You’re a nervous wreck,, trying to downplay your feelings but they’re growing and growing.

~ Rebecka Digervall (vocals)

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