“OVER EVERYTHING” Is A Song You Won’t Get Over

Photo Credits: Adam Alanzo

After releasing his 2021 album, All The Ways We Are Together, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Zach Taylor (better known as Dreamer Boy) is back with his new single, OVER EVERYTHING. Compact with good vibes, here is an inside look into the fantastic single.

I remember when it was only us

Over everything no matter what

We were in love under the sun now it’s getting colder

I’ll be the one, I’ll be the one with you when it’s over


Starting off, one of the best parts of the track comprises of Dreamer Boy’s lyrical work. Full of optimism, the narrative found within the song shows the main character confident young love will prevail. Indicative of who Dreamer Boy is as an artist, this theme showcases a man with a grander aim to spread “love, light and joy.”

Photo Credits: Adam Alanzo

Musically, the single shines through Taylor’s reverb-soaked singing and the multitude of warm synths presented throughout. Hitting all the right notes into the listeners ear, Taylor’s delivery is the epitome of chill, certainly creating a calm over the listener. 

When I was 14, I literally would rip YouTube beats of my favorite rappers at the time. Like Lil Wayne, Kanye, Drake and make my own covers of the songs. Then I started to write my own lyrics to the beats. I eventually started collaborating with some kids around my town – Spokane, in Washington – and we made a couple mixtapes. I fell in love with writing and with artistry and started to really find my sound and my voice when I got to college.

Dreamer Boy

Coming out of left field, the most interesting aspect of the single has to be its outro. Sonically dense, electronic blips, distorted bass synth, and a wicked cool beat overtake the production. Much like Julian Casablancas, Zach Taylor’s vocals give a lazy deliver that suits the new abrasive edge found within the song. The work horse toward the ending are the instrumentals, and Dreamer Boy knows this. Leaving room in the mix to breath, the singer’s lyrics are scarce which mesh incredibly with each interlude of F#7th guitar chords.

Video Credits: Dreamer Boy Official YouTube Channel

About to embark on a tour with Benee (whom he also collaborated with on ARE YOU LETTING GO?), you can catch more Dreamer Boy here at Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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