The 20-year old Dylan Fraser is making a name for himself in the alt. community. With “It Took A Lot,” Dylan takes yet another step into the limelight––admittedly a point in his career that’s been difficult to get to if you read into the title of this new track. “It Took A Lot” will appear on Dylan’s third EP 2030 Revolution out July 15.

Dylan Fraser, courtesy Atlantic Records

2021 saw Dylan’s first ever release “Vipers” which featured as a key track on the FIFA 2021 soundtrack. And he’s caught the eyes of others too. Elton John, Sam Smith, Imogen Heap, and more high profile, ground-shaking artists have co-signed Dylan Fraser during his journey this past year. Now, with “It Took A Lot” and his upcoming EP, Dylan hopes to cement his star status.

“It Took A Lot” is gritty in the way new stuff from new artists always is. It’s raw, bare-boned, and expressive of Dylan’s anxiety and struggle with mental health as a young man making his way in this world. All of the pop elements are there––a catchy backtrack and repeatable lyrics––mixed together with a darker side, more characteristic of emo and alt. sounds. If Billie Eilish comes to mind, you wouldn’t be far off. Dylan’s shift from pop vocals to harsher, raspier bridges is reminiscent of Eilish’s “Bad Guy” and others.

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Dylan Fraser was recently selected for Apple Music’s Up Next Campaign; you can watch an exclusive Home Session here. With already 16 million streams to date, it’s no wonder MTV PUSH named him an Artist on the Rise. The first single on his upcoming EP (name to come) was featured on SiriusXM’s Alt. Nation “Advanced Placement” segment. This year, Dylan played support alongside alt. rock outfit Wet Leg for Inhaler on their sold-out UK tour. He has also opened for UK-based synth-pop and indie rock artist Holly Humberstone, and been featured on some of her songs. 

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