nxtime’s Comforting New Indie Track, “Future Love”

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Brand new band, nxtime, starts their career with the first of three singles. “Future Love” was conceived two years ago, during a deep car ride conversation. The indie pop track is gorgeous in its hope of finding destined true love, lilting voices, and catchy, emotionally-ridden beat.

The new artist joined Kayla Joe in this single, and dreamily describes that in all the good and bad we endure, the love we are destined is there waiting, and will be shared with this person. nxtime describes this train of thought as a comfort, rather than hopeless romanticism.

Unlike typical love songs discussing breakups or new romance, “Future Love” aligns the hope and excitement to a love that has not been found yet. “It gave me a lot of comfort and made me want to seek a person I could be truly vulnerable with.”

“Future Love,” is not only easy on the ears, its catchy tune makes the heart swell with hope for the bridge between the gap of being alone and finding that ideal special someone.  “Crossing that bridge with someone else and sharing who each of you were before you met is magic.” 

Check out the beautiful new single below:

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