Building up the anticipation for her next album, Zella Day dropped “Only A Dream” this Friday.

Redefining her characters as an artist, Zella’s version of New Americana seems to have transitioned into something more, with a new twist on old soulful music; equally nostalgic, fulfilling, and hypnotic.

“Only a Dream” is filled with richly poetic lyrical content that would make any fellow oldies lover swoon. The song totally refreshes the genre with catchy new tunes, without abandoning the way things were done over the span of forty years of soulful heartache and love songs.

This track is much more than pretty sounding words. Its substance digs deep into the vulnerable and hidden parts of ourselves, and cuts it open and raw, forcing feeling in our gut about love and hurt and finding happiness. Its sound throws us back to 70’s-80’s pop with the flat drum beat and keyboard, but doesn’t lack in feeling or content.Along with the single, Zella Day dropped a music video contrasting the old soul sounds with relaxing summer Southern California beach visuals. The song paired with the video creates a unique experience and twist to a chilled beachy summer track that you could watch and listen to on repeat, while feeling substantially more fulfilled with its poetic lyrics and simply beautiful visuals.

Zella Day is bringing the disco beats and old-fashioned love songs back into style with her vibrant new musical style. The full release of Where Does the Devil Hide comes out on August 28th.

Watch the music video of “Only a Dream” below:

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