Nothing More Packs in Crowd for NIGHT ONE in Sacramento for “SPIRITS” Tour

Nothing More is back on the road since the release of their latest album, SPIRITS, later last year. And awhile back, we chatted with the band about the album and the writing process; and how our time in isolation impacted the creation of the album. Since then, they’ve taken the stage on the first leg of touring, performed at last year’s Aftershock Festival and other festivals in the rock music circuit, and have been either on the road or crafting their next album. Yes, there have been rumors they’re already working on something new!

We joined the band and friends in Sacramento for night one of two performances. Keep reading to hear what we had to say about it!

Thousand Below started the evening strong with a beautifully executed blend of heavy bass, high energy guitar riffs, and clean vocals. We are excited to hear more from this band in the future as they were a strong starter and are sure to turn heads with what they have to offer next.

Showcasing a brand new album, Crown the Empire surged on to the Ace of Spades stage with a fresh energy that ignited the filled-in crowd. And not only is DOGMA finally out now and worthy of celebrating, the vocalist of the band celebrated his birthday and shared his excitement in being able to spend the day performing in front of fans.

Crowd members passed along orders from the bar to the stage in celebratory motion, for the band, for their intense rhythms and bass you can feel in your bones… and to another year of life. Each movement from the artists relinquished all that was pent up from the anticipations built throughout the day, and the crowd was eager to join in the merriments and witness the new sound.

Ending off the night, Nothing More shared the first night of two and left something to be remembered for each person in attendance. Band members met eyes with everyone they could meet, gesturing in their direction as if performing for them and only them for just a moment.

The most notable part of the performance was the fact that due to technical difficulties, none of the artists could hear one another perform for nearly half of the night. However, the band not only kept it in stride, but I guarantee we would not have noticed had they not brought it up. Due to the fact, however, the audience that night witnessed improvisations as the band filled in the spaces of our feelings until their in-ear monitors arose back to life.

The night was filled with tracks old and new, with an appearance of fan-favorites, “Jenny,” “Go To War,” and brand new hits “Best Times,” and “SPIRITS.” We find this band well-worth staying the whole night through. Not only do they not perform an encore, because “number one… it’s fake… number two… it’s FAKE…” as Jonny famously states, the last song is one to be remembered. Band members jump into the pit with drums and their instruments, lean into the crowd as fans reach toward them, and play harder than ever before.

Nothing More is rising as a rock band that not only gives it their all, they seem to top each performance by building up the energy song by song, as fans rush to be a part of the frenzy and to witness the sheer skill and love the artists clearly feel in their bones for their craft. We always look forward to hearing what they are up to next; as should you be…

See our full gallery of photos from the evening here. Tickets for tour are available here! Get them while you still can, and stay tuned for more updates regarding Nothing More!

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