Our Day Two Favorites at the Aftershock Festival 2022

Sacramento, California’s Discovery Park welcomed the Aftershock Festival, Day two crowd with another blazing hot day by the time the doors opened. Even more prepared from the previous day, the most noteworthy note was the sight of even more water stations to accommodate the masses and encourage a readily available way to hydrate.

Members in the crowd surely took note of the changes:

“The fact that DWP takes notes…and does whatever they can to fix them is why we love them so much!”

We’ve highlighted our top acts of the day in all its epic proportional glory. Read more to see who we picked!

Spiritbox – by Steve Thrasher

It’s one thing to note that Spiritbox’s rise to metal fame has been a quick one, and for good reason. The talents of the band are unmatched compared to many acts who have been paving their way into the scene in the last decade. From the start the energy of the crowd charged into the depths of the pit. Mosh pits formed as the chorus broke in the first track. Many tracks on their set list has hit the metal radio stations and are sure to continue to do so for much more time in the future.

Jeris Johnson – by Steve Thrasher

Self-acclaimed “future of rock,” Jeris Johnson joined the Kolas stage with strong feelings of manifesting those words throughout his performance. With his own spin on multiple genres, including country, pop, rock, and even a little hip hop, Johnson’s unique blend of unlike genres make for a futuristic, post-genre sound, indeed.

Mikes Dead – by Lexie Alley

Futuristic metalcore guitars blared as Mikes Dead sprinted on the Coors Light stage. The band’s intricate instrumentals threw us back to the late nineties while offering a refreshing new look and atmosphere to the gothic sound showcasing all that’s horror. After experimenting with multiple genres through the years, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed what’s arisen from the work and the energy the performance unleashed.

Nemophila – by Lexie Alley

Sharing their first time at the Aftershock Festival, Japanese female metal group Nemophila drew in the mass of the crowd at the DWP stage. Instrumentally, they nodded to metal legends with their styling and offered a refreshing take on their own unique blend of sound as each member of the band grinned at one another while they shredded solos and laughed. The excitement was tangible on their faces, and it radiated through the crowd as all leaned in to watch the rising rock stars.

Falling in Reverse – by Steve Thrasher

After years of listening to their music, at last, we were able to witness emo legends Falling In Reverse as they took to the Jack Daniels stage. Intense was their performance, as was the pit itself, filled with their loving fan base who rocked heavier than ever before and witnessed the band in all their glory.

Chevelle – by Steve Thrasher

And speaking of well-loving fanbase, Chevelle’s crowd didn’t disappoint as the band paraded on the Kolas stage. Packed tightly to witness the crisp vocal performance and the new music they’ve recently released, instrumentals bathed in the ears and created an atmosphere of catharsis.

Apocalyptica – by Lexie Alley

Apocalyptica then shortly began on the DWP stage, offering an impressive display of intense classical instrumentals blended with metal guitar and heavy drums. Three large cellos took center stage as the band showcased an array of movements that even from afar would make jaws drop.

In Flames – by Lexie Alley

You always forget how good it feels to have the heavy drums and vocals feel thrumming in your being until you take the plunge and witness the energy within the depths of the mosh pit with the music coursing through you and taking hold. And with a performance like that of In Flames at the Coors Light stage, it would be much harder to do so, as after their set, you still felt their music pumping within you.

GWAR – by Lexie Alley

GWAR cut an impressive silhouette as they joined the DWP stage. Entirely not from this world, their figures towered above us all as their voices and instrumentals clapped like thunder across the park. Their fans pressed in close to be bathed in fake blood as the theatrics commenced, and screamed with glee when they entered the famed splash zone.

KISS – by Steve Thrasher

And at last, glam, hair metal legends, KISS, took to the main stage for a nearly two hour full set. Packed with theatrics and pyrotechnics, you never knew what to expect next as the performance continued to increase with intensity. As first-time viewers of the band, we couldn’t look away from the story they told as it unfolded.

All week, we get to act like sophisticated human beings… now it’s time to act like an animal…

~ Paul Stanley | KISS

What was your favorite day two performance? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more updates on Aftershock!

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