Not All That Glitters Is Gold In Still Talk’s ‘Move To L.A.’

Moving from one place to another isn’t an easy thing to do. Regardless of reasoning or motivation, it’s an arduous process nonetheless. From deciding which of our stuff to keep or discard. To the memories that keep flowing back whenever we look around this familiar space. We can’t erase the fact that no matter how much we say that we’ve got all the bases covered. Its still a decision that will forever alter our personal history for better or worse.

These and so much more are depicted Cologne Germany alternative rock band Still Talk with their latest song ‘Move To L.A.’. Released April 14th in all major streaming platforms via Hithome. ‘Move To L.A.’ is a track that exposes the struggles of living in Lala land. The city of stars, movies, fame and glory! Look out baby!

While true to an extent, moving there isn’t a guarantee you’ll make it big out there. With heart shattering vocals layered with addictingly amazing instrumentals, Still Talk reminds us of the perils about to be faced.It’s a Mount Everest type of journey to the top mixed in with that Vegas style of gambling. It’s a fast paced way to the top that requires not only skills but luck. On a personal level, it’s just as challenging to stay afloat. As the lyrics would say “Now I know more but I live less. All day all I do is checking my vitals. I am the virus. I’m under the rule of algorithm and numbers.”.

Despite the deep sadness enclosed in this tune. There’s still a a ray of hope to be found here. Amidst all the brokenness, jealousy, is a realization that this isn’t the right way to live. “When I don’t shiver from the cold. I’ve been on hibernation mode barely living at all.”. Something has to change. Albeit not shown, there’s this overarching desire to flip things around. A silent acknowledgement that this needs to happen quick before it’s too late. Quicker than a director could say “lights, camera, ACTION!”.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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