NOPÉ Reflects on the Duality of San Francisco in “Twin Peaks”

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San Francisco…a sprawling city known for its trendy cuisine, amicable weather, and eclectic landmarks (most notably the Golden Gate Bridge). It’s a beautiful city but not without its own problems, a duality which singer/songwriter NOPÉ explores in his latest single, “Twin Peaks.”

NOPÉ is inspired by the everyday struggles that many of us face in his process for creating music – browsing social media, wasteful living, not calling your mother, etc. For him, music is a shelter that can be entered through listening, where you can seem to be left untouched by the problems that swirl around in your life. There is only music. Everyone has this kind of safe space somewhere, to pause and take a breath. He branded himself as NOPÉ through his journey of finding a new home and new places to feel safe and content. With the new concept of sound and workflow, the process of going into nature and creating music gained significance in his life.

“Twin Peaks” was inspired by his trip to San Francisco a few years ago, where he had a wonderful time and also fell in love with the roughness. He wrote the lyrics following his trip, found them again at the beginning of last year, had an instant idea for the melody, and well…the rest is what you can hear today.

A heavy piano introduction leads into a tender hook with more percussive instrumentals underneath NOPÉ’s soft vocals. NOPÉ muses about the different struggles that he witnessed throughout the city – missing people, fights, lost stories, drug addiction, just to mention a few. And while the overall topic is heavy, there is a softness to the production between the breezy instrumental and flowing vocals, which further highlights the duality which NOPÉ sings about.

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