No Kings De-Stigmatize Mental Health Throughout Latest Single, “Rusted”

Formed from the remains of Internet Noise, melodic metalcore quintet, No Kings, rises from the ashes with a sound that calls back to the glory of the “core” scene, just as excitement has begun to stir from within the underground once more. No Kings is the next chapter of emotionally volatile and blisteringly honest songwriting of the Southern California-based group. The name change is their take on the current social climate and a desire to never be ruled by those who wish only to see their own success. No Gods. No Kings. Only man.

The melodic metalcore quintet No Kings has released their debut single “Rusted,” a moody, climatic track that focuses on the personal journey the band has faced in their own mental health struggles. And rather than continuing to struggle alone, they’ve come together and charged their energy into catharsis in this new release. “Rusted” is a song of firsts, not only the first song from their upcoming EP, The Remedy, but it’s the first time singer Geordy Shallan has openly spoken about his struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, something exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Encouraged by producer Michael Nolasco, it was a song Geordy was truthfully somewhat scared to write, let alone sing. 

“After years of being the ‘strong one’, the ‘happy one’, the ‘comedian friend’, examining this vulnerability was something that bordered horrifying for me. Luckily, Joey, having experienced similar mental health issues as well, not only supported me musically, but also as a dear friend. This song stands as a testament that it is possible to break away from the tropes of toxic masculinity to heal yourself. True masculinity is acknowledging, accepting, and working through your pain to become a better version of yourself. Starting from a simple piano melody, the band felt that this song would be the perfect standalone single to release, only for it to blossom into something magnificent that would inspire the band to stay in the studio to hammer out four more tracks creating the EP.

~ Geordy Shallan

With a brand new EP on the horizon and a focus on removing stigma from taboo subjects like mental health, political divide, and processing heartbreak, No Kings is poised to see an era of extreme growth in the near future as they become more vulnerable and heavier than ever.

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