Nicki and YoungBoy Have Done It Again With Their New Song, “WTF.”

Nicki Minaj and NBA YoungBoy team up once again for their latest track, “WTF.” Following several successful collaborations, the duo showcases their rap prowess with this new release, solidifying their status in the music community. The song is set to be featured on YoungBoy’s upcoming album, Don’t Try This At Home. With their combined talent and chemistry, “WTF” is clearly a hit among fans of both artists, delivering a powerful and energetic performance that highlights their skills in the rap genre.

“WTF” stands for “Who the F**k” referring to new people in the rap game who are unknown or unwelcome. Both YoungBoy and Minaj express their concern about “new faces” that they weren’t aware of before and warn that if they start to disrespect them, they won’t have much of a career left. The song kicks off with an intro featuring violin and drums, creating an attention-grabbing start. The music then transitions into YoungBoy’s first verse, accompanied by additional beats that add depth and intensity to the piece.

Who the f**k these new faces? Around inside my business

~NBA YoungBoy

The lyrics of the song shed light on the competitive and cutthroat nature of the music industry, where established artists like YoungBoy and Minaj are wary of newcomers who may disrupt the status quo. The use of the acronym “WTF” underscores the artists’ frustration and disbelief at the rise of unknown or disrespectful individuals in the rap game. It’s classic to hear a bit of vocal range from both YoungBoy and Minaj in their collabs. Both sing the verse “I’m too real,” something done often in most of their songs together.

Cross YoungBoy then you cross the Queen

All them internet games turn boys to Memes

~Nicki Minaj

A clear and prominent rap figure YoungBoy continues to shine a light on himself. YoungBoy remains the most streamed artist on YouTube, pulling in more than 12 billion views in total. His loyal fanbase has made it difficult not to recognize his record-breaking hits. The music video also released with the song is down below. NBA Youngboy is set to release his album, Don’t Try This At Home, on April 21. Stream “WTF” and other music on his website.

Gabby Giles Author
Avid SZA fan and music lover! Follow my Instagram: @newswithgabriellegiles
Gabby Giles Author
Avid SZA fan and music lover! Follow my Instagram: @newswithgabriellegiles

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