Niall Summerton Offers Solace For The Lost In ‘I Found It’ 

The act of finding someone, something or somewhere is a process. A lot of factors are at play when embarking on that ‘journey’ like reason, stakes etc. While they are equally important, there’s one that greatly affects the length of the search and that is the location. For easy to access areas, it will probably take a day and vice versa. In short, the more difficult it is to get to, the more work and effort put into it.

As much as it is with physical things, the same can be applied when attempting to fill that void within us. An example of this is through Leeds artist Niall Summerton’s latest song ‘I Found It’. Released last March 7th via Tiny Library Records in major streaming platforms. This track talks of fulfillment and how we chase it. The ironic part is the more we run after it, the more it becomes elusive. Even then, we still go for it becomes “People need something new. Something to hold on to. They thought it was free.” as the lyrics reveal.

Everything has a price (unfortunately). Let’s just say you’re willing to pay, but at what cost? Your life? Your liberty? These are the important questions raised in Niall Summerton’s ‘I Found It’. Which are issued to us audiences with sweet and calming vocals laced with ethereal instrumentals. Thus taking us beyond this plane of existence and into a place where we can be alone with our thoughts.

All this in hopes that we finally process and distinguish for ourselves what it means to be satisfied. “Everything’s always wrong. Days are a worn out song. Whistled into the wind.”. It’s Niall Summerton’s way of throwing a life line at us so that we won’t utter the same words he did-  “I found it. I found it hard.”.

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Happy Sunday folks!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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