New Indie-Pop Single from River Iris – “War”

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River Iris is a blossoming singer, songwriter based in Phoenix who is about to show the world her immense talent with an upcoming EP. River was born in Japan and alternated annually between schools in South Carolina and California, an experience which she says “sparked an appreciation for change” and “furthered [her] enchantment with the creative process.” She spent time backpacking around the world after graduating from UC Berkley and learned, through her adventures, how interwoven all of our lives are. For River, music is a universal language.

She has been working with a Grammy-nominated producer to create what will be her first EP and has already given us a taste of what is to come with three singles, the latest of which is titled “War” and was released just last week. The song was co-written with Jess Cates and produced by Matthew Bronleewe.

The track starts with soft, echoing vocals set over repeating guitar riffs as lyrics begin to creep in. The lyrics are about a tumultuous relationship, once where conflict is constant. The chorus repeats the question “why does it always have to be a war”, signifying that the artist recognizes the pattern, but still finds themselves back amidst the chaos. The production is peacefully complementary, maintaining the focus on the message behind the lyrics. The song is enchantingly beautiful, yet also strikingly sad.

River has years of hard work under her belt – years of constantly writing, practicing, and performing regularly. She is showcasing it all, along with her outstanding artistry, with these singles. And I’m very excited to hear what is next from her!

You can listen to her music here, as well as “War” below.

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