French electronic duo, neumodel, have shared their debut Rock. Prior to the release of the record, neumodel shared three singles. Their third single, “Faster ft. AKA George” off of the upcoming LP and have received praise from EARMILKBeats Per MinuteFlaunt and BlackBook. neumodel’s style has been recognized for their ability to combine radio-friendly pop sounds with subversive undertones. This, combined with their cohesive collaborations have catapulted neumodel into artists to watch.

“Our album and the electro-rock sounds vibrating through it is a vivid tribute to this music that resonates with us and which still has a lot to say. It’s not an homage to the artists per se, but it’s more about tapping into a style that has the potential to revolutionize the music establishment – and to revisit this style.

We gave birth to our album Rock, after releasing 4 EPs. The composing style itself evolved and matured to become more and more singular. It’s a simple formula: guitar, sub, and ‘pop’ vocals. No more keyboards, synthesizers and samples. With Rock, we are coming back to the essence of neumodel” – Neumodel

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