With a surge in sneaker sales occurring due to the popularity of Squid Game, it seems like everyone is getting ready for a wholesome event of red light green light. I myself participated in a version faithful to the series, and although my best friend is dead, it was still nice to relive some fond childhood memories.

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Set in South Korea, the show follows Seong Gi-hun, a divorced father and limo driver who struggles to make ends meet due to his gambling addiction. After meeting a mysterious man, Gi-hun is given an invitation to pay off his debts by participating in children’s games with deadly consequences. Cultivating over 142 million viewers after 28 days, the drama has become the most-watched series in Netflix history, so with Halloween around the corner, it’s no wonder why fans are eager to dress up as characters from the show.

With blood lust being replaced by an equally furious need to cosplay, green and white tracksuits are being bought left and right, (according to “Sole Supplier”) along with white slip-on vans seeing a profit of 7,800% since the show manifested on Netflix. This completely mental spike in sales does not disqualify other brands, as slip-on’s from competing companies have seen a considerable amount of growth in profitability as well, according to “Lyst”.

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This … has helped raise some media attention that we’ll leverage

Steve Rendle – CEO of VF Corp

Overall, the profitability of Vans can be seen as “a nice spike.” according to CEO, Steve Rendle of VF Corp, Vans parent company. Regardless, from the stock exchange’s point of view, VF’s shares did not meet their third-quarter sales expectations and saw a decline of 1.5% as of 12:58 p.m. October 22, 2021.

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Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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