Nashbi Lays Down Optimistic Messaging and an Infectious Hook in “After All”

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Born and raised south of Atlanta to Haitian parents, Nashbi is an artist and M.C. who has harnessed the ability to captivate his audience with music that he describes as “conscious mainstream.” Covering a diverse group of genres whilst delivering an incredible, dynamic presence in each track, he values honest and authentic self-expression, which shines through in his discography as he delivers music he truly believes in. Influenced by some of the modern-day greats such as Kanye West, Eminem, Childish Gambino, J. Cole, and Post Malone, Nashbi brings us towards the effortless new age of hip-hop with his high energy and clever flows. He also enjoys advocacy and taking part in social justice work, offering a voice for the voiceless and underrepresented individuals in the community.

Realizing that his career is much greater than he is, Nashbi believes that his music serves a much bigger purpose than just being something he is passionate about. Intending his music to be healing, he feels that God has commissioned him with the responsibility of making great music that not only honors him but also influences others to live better lives. With huge plans for the rest of 2021, including various collaborations, spectacular music videos, and even more incredible music, Nashbi is certainly an artist to watch.

His highly anticipated EP God Given dropped last month, along with “After All,” a notable track that encapsulates Nashbi’s unbridled charisma. Pure feel-good vibes are all around with an incredibly infectious hook and witty wordplay throughout – just in time for summer.

The song is inspired by a realization that Nashbi came to upon discovering that so many of his close peers and friends were struggling with depression, anxiety, domestic issues, and episodic mental health issues. Many of the people in his life that were struggling had one common denominator – the lack of a father figure throughout their childhood. Following this realization, he wrote this record to bring awareness to this unfortunate, yet common, situation. Dedicated to young men and women who are suffering from broken homes and parents who may not notice their influence on their children, “After All” is an anthem to remind listeners that they aren’t alone.

Backed by soothing instrumentals and an old-school hip-hop vibe, Nashbi delivers his message in a suave tone. The song is full of energy, contributing to the enthusiasm behind the lyrics and the positivity behind the message. He touches on the universal feelings of mistreatment, neglect, and lack of respect that he noticed among his friends. But he also emphasizes the importance of still learning to dance in the rain and to overcome these obstacles before leading into a scat-like groove during the catchy hook. His second verse turns to the other side of the narrative, laying out how men should act towards their children. He ends the song with a continuous reminder that maybe life isn’t too bad after all.

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