Painted in vivid visuals of red and black; Imminence has made a bold re-entry into their craft since their last full-length’s release in 2019. “Temptation” is packed to the brim with fresh breakdowns paired with a beautifully contrasted violin. The Swedish post-hardcore band paired the new single with a music video (NSFW), as well.

The filming took place over seven days in Riga, Latvia, and was directed by Pavel Trebukhin. The band’s guitarist, Harald Barrett, commented: “Releasing ‘Temptation‘ is a statement. It’s a huge contrast to our recent, acoustic era, and we want to show that we can do what we want, when we want, and how we want. No one can ever predict the next step from us, not even ourselves” (1).

Imminence’s TEMPTATION (official video)

The lead endures three trials to be initiated into this group; trial 1: by fire– abandoning the past; Trial 2: by water– an interrogation; Trial 3: blood sacrifice. After the three trials, the lead, played by the vocalist, faces a group dressed in red and hiding behind a mask. To say that their demeanor is intimidating is an understatement. They lead him up a staircase, a promise of light and hope. Instead, the subject seems to meet his own doom. The vocalist is then chained, and something is thrust inside of him, before they leave him glowing. The music video then ends, leaving the audience on a cliffhanger for a possible part two.

The music video in itself is a masterpiece; relevant to the times in the darkness we face, making sacrifices out of the promise of a better future of hope and peace. And people high in power can take advantage of misplaced trust, in desperation, and in fear; where we end up making sacrifices only to be betrayed in the end.

Whatever Imminence has planned next in their music journey, we are all on board for.

Stream the new single, “Temptation,” available now on all platforms:

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