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Emerging in 2015 on the electronica and house music scene, Manfred Lam, better known as MYRNE, is back this year with “What Can I Do.” Compared to songs such as Feels Right (feat. Yung Fusion), Sleeping on My Own Again, and Afterdark (feat. Aviella), What Can I Do feels and sounds more mellow and stripped back. Much like many artists post-COVID, it appears MYRNE has found a new self in creating more profound and personal sounds. As we dive deep into the atmosphere of the single, we also unpack a new artist willing to rediscover.

Starting off strong, electronic texture mixes with organic footsteps, putting an aura of calm on the listener. As the synth becomes warmer, hiccups of harmonies mesh with a bass drum before introducing the opening line: “So what Can I do.” What’s unique is how these lyrics are placed at the verse, build-up, and chorus. Not often do artists do this, which is why I’d like to point this out.

So what can I do?

If I can’t be here, without you

I’d rather be gone

in a world within my head

MYRNE – What Can I Do

Nonetheless, Lyrically, the single divulges heartbreak and hopelessness with lines such as “I’d rather be dead than inhabit this world without you” followed by “So what can I do If I can’t be here without you.” What I love about the vocals is how quiet and tender MYRNE’s delivery comes across. The artist’s singing never overpowers the instrumentals, allowing the listener to meditate and remain introspective.

Photo Credits: Manfred Lam aka MYRNE

As the titular question repeats at the chorus, electronic keyboard play’s in. Reminiscent of classic Nintendo games, this keyboard perfectly accompanies the melancholy of the single. Focusing on the second verse, a multitude of synths put us in the soothing eye of the storm. Finally, As the storm moves south, catchy drum loops build us up again before transposing the listener to the lush keyboards at the ending.

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Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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