Mykki Blanco has recently joined forces with producer, vocalist and icon Kiddy Smile to release a remixed version of “That’s Folks (ft. Bug Freedia). The original track, aided by New Orleans bounce music specialist Big Freedia, came from Mykki’s acclaimed mini album, Broken Hearts & Beauty Sleep, that released to the world on June 18th via Transgressive Records. The album can be pre-ordered in a physical format starting November 19th here.

Mykki Blanco has been around for more than a decade now, and has since blossomed into a hip-hop star, pushing forward as a leader in queer-rap culture while coming to terms with their own self-identity. A desire to bring more variety into the sub-genre, and the expert use of their own magical creativity is what ultimately lead to the creation of Broken Hearts & Beauty Sleep. Currently, Mykki is on a European tour spanning through many dates in November, which remaining tickets and dates can be found and purchased here.

“For me, I am one of those artists who many would say has taken the longer road to get to where I am now, but it’s that journey which has been the reward because the journey really has been my life; the career has just been the outer shell to the deeper things that I’ve experienced, and I can only be here now because of this journey.”

~ Mykki Blanco

Released on November 1st, the Kiddy Smile remix of “That’s Folks (ft. Big Freedia)” has no fear in effortlessly flaunting style and creativity all at once. With the new version adding unique and fun instrumentals, the fast paced beat creates an energy that is almost irresistible to dance along to. The lyrics hold a spilling confidence that spares no time in telling you what Mykki Blanco and Big Freedia is all about. The song pioneers in what only can be described as bold and brilliant.

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