My Chemical Romance Embraces Oakland Arena Crowd on Reunion Tour

Wednesday night in Oakland’s Arena, we touch down to our deepest heartfelt feelings to witness a packed night listening to My Chemical Romance live, back on tour and reunited after years apart.

A red curtain delicately hung as the backdrop as the band paraded onstage. Before the third song began, that curtain tumbled in an explosion of fog and smoke, revealing a wreckage and war zone of torn up sky scrapers as fog peeled through each layer of the scene.

Every hand was up, every body danced, and every person screamed as their voices rang loudly in the arena.

Few words were spoken by the members of the band that night, as they focused mainly on the music and the power that held within the lines they performed.

Near the end of the night, however, Gerard’s voice echoed through the arena as he growled, “I see a lot of flesh…a lot more flesh than usual. It’s fleshy out there tonight.”

The crowd roared in response.

Gerard Way moved freely onstage, as if every fiber in his being had been waiting for years to be onstage again…. years pent up within him being released at last. We heard variations of each track that felt unique to us and only us that night. His band mates effortlessly showcased their practiced performance with ease.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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