MUNA Releases New Self-Titled Album!

It’s summer and it’s unbearably hot inside and outside of the house. If you happen to find yourself trying to beat the heat, lounging on the couch in your loose garments with no idea what you want to do next…might I suggest (if you think you can handle it) listening to MUNA’s latest self-titled album. It’s short, with only eleven tracks, and each and every one of them is a certified shooting star that will leave you with a runner’s high after you experience their solid production, and soft like silk vocal arrangements.

Like most everyone, MUNA has had to adjust to some unexpected changes in the past few years. Luckily for the band–and for all of their fans–what started as a year marked by being dropped by their record label, and a global pandemic soon became the greatest era of music preformed by the L.A.-based musicians. Along with their new label head Phoebe Bridgers (Saddest Factory Records), MUNA released the unrivaled song of the summer, “Silk Chiffon.”

“Silk Chiffon (ft. Phoebe Bridgers)” Music Video

With the song’s perfect for rollerblading pop-y melody and feel-good lyrics, it’s no wonder why “Silk Chiffon” (initially released in September of 2021) has made itself synonymous with that happy summer feeling. While “Silk Chiffon” may currently reign superior, the next track on MUNA gives it a run for its money.

“What I Want,” as its lyrics imply, strives to give listeners the “full effect” equipped with fireworks. On this mission, MUNA fully delivers. “What I Want” is definitely a song that you’ll be hearing blasting through the speakers in clubs from Boys Town to WeHo. MUNA’s members–Katie Gavin, Naomi McPherson, and Josette Maskin–have embraced the ways in which their queer and minority identities offer much needed representation to underrepresented communities. As McPherson puts it, MUNA creates “song[s] for kids to have their first gay kiss to.” 

“What I Want” Music Video

MUNA delivers the classic indie-pop sound that MUNA fans are used to, but this latest album truly sets itself apart from the rest of the band’s work with its exploration genre; ranging from edm to country. “Kind of Girl” sees MUNA trying their hand at a country song reminiscent of The Chicks. “Kind of Girl” beautifully delivers the message that our life stories are never truly finished being written. You can learn more about “Kind of Girl” and its accompanying music video in this article here.

“Kind of Girl” Music Video

By the time you get to the ninth track on the album, “Anything But Me,” you’ve already been blessed with eight amazing tracks that explore the vast depths of MUNA’s creative abilities. “Anything But Me” is a fantastic upbeat song that’ll make you want to dance along, but the magic of the song comes from its lyrics.

‘Cause I don’t wanna stick around trying to work it out

When everything feels wrong

Everything feels wrong

But it’s all love and it’s no regrets, you can call me if

There’s anything you need

Anything, anything but me

“Anything But Me” by MUNA

“Anything But Me” Music Video

The talent behind the trio that is MUNA is apparent from the first note you hear them play. Hard-work and practice make a considerable contribution to the band’s sound, but what makes MUNA special is their ability to allow audiences to feel their love and appreciation for one another through the music. “You have to let things fall apart,” Gavin said. “And it was only possible because of this tremendous trust. I have so few relationships in my life where I have the kind of trust that I do with Naomi and Jo — where I can trust that there’s a higher purpose, that we can work through all the boundaries and compromises and mess that comes with long-term relationships, and then return to form.”  

MUNA prides themselves on their ability to foster community within themselves and with their fans. As Maskin says, “What ultimately keeps us together is knowing that someone’s going to hear each one of these songs and use it to make a change they need in their life. That people are going to feel a kind of catharsis, even if it’s a catharsis that I might never have known myself.” McPherson added, “I hope this album helps people connect to each other the way that we, in MUNA, have learned to connect to each other.” 

Photo Credit: Isaac Schneider

MUNA is a collection of songs that represent growth, acceptance, and daring to defy the odds. If you haven’t yet listen to it, or if you haven’t yet heard of MUNA, you should absolutely give this band a listen. MUNA is currently on tour, and you can find a show near you, and purchase tickets by visiting their website.

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